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Powerstorm Holdings Inc

Real Estate Investment

Historical Patrimony, France


Financial Instrument

Step 1 PSTO S1

Step 2, in parallel with Step 1  PSTO shares sale to SAS & Crowdfunding

Step 2.a

Step 2.b

Step 3  JV _1 Project

Crowdfunding Option 1

*** The proceeds will be used for the maintenance/management of the chateau.
The online shop will have available for order embroidered sheets, towels, t-shirts, hats.

Crowdfunding Option 2

  •  For each $50.00 coupon, the investor will become co-lord and shareholder holding one share of JV1;
  •  For the investors that will put in at least $2,500.00 (50 coupons) , for every $ spent, 1 PSTO share will be awarded.
  • This way they will become not only co-châtelain and shareholder of the company of the JV1 but also shareholders of an US publicly traded company and will be part of an international consortium of privately held sustainability themed companies.

JV _2 Project

JV _3 Project

JV _4 Project

 PROJECTIONS – SUMMARY first year after renovation